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Fr. Quigley Scholarship Fund


Fr. J. Joseph Quigley entered eternal life on June 9th, 2005.  Today, we remember his life, and his legacy ...memory upon memory, people upon people, story upon story — Fr. Joe lives on in the hearts & memories of so many especially here at the Newman Catholic Center.

   His life was about service — to God and to others especially the students of this University.   He spent countless hours and years advising, mentoring, counseling and helping in any way he could to ward off the serious ill of loneliness that students can experience in their academic careers. 

   We celebrate the life of Fr. Joe Quigley and remember that life especially this year.  And, in celebration we call attention to the FR. QUIGLEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND — a fund established in his memory for the purpose of assisting without limitations or questions the students that he loved so dearly.

   Held at Newman and distributed according to the individual needs and at the discretion of Newman’s Director, the fund has helped countless young men and women with tuition assistance, living expenses and just making “ends meet”. 

   Life can be challenging for our students — living away from home and away from visible means of support and encouragement.  Not only does the Fund allow for monetary needs to be met but it also encourages all at Newman to be ever mindful of the spiritual, emotional and psychological challenges that students face daily.  The FR. QUIGLEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND helps meet those needs and serves as a support to countless young men and women – just as Fr. Joe lived his life.

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