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St. John Henry Newman

Canonized on October 13, 2019

Throughout this canonization year much is offered to you for your spiritual journey & to establish a closer relationship to St. John Henry.

Meditations & Devotions by St. John Henry Newman on sale for $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling.  Call Virginia Webb at 413.549.0300, Ext. 105 or email her at to arrange for payment & shipping.

St. John Henry Newman Rosaries on sale through the Traveling Rosaries, a ministry of Ronald & Linda Gerlip since 2007. 

These rosaries are crafted with love, hand or machine washable, allowed during MRIs & CT scans & in operating rooms. 

Call 413-579-8552 to order.

Victoria Seed, on her recent visit and presentation at the Legatus Dinner in October told the group about wonderful podcasts that are widely available...just go to your podcasts & type in St. John Henry Newman & choose away!

Interesting info...

Education was a passion to St. John. He considered universities & colleges & the church are dedicated to the same goal - pursuit of the truth

St. John's sermons were used for models for homiletics

St. John wrote 30 poems, 20,000 letters  & 40 books.

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