Dear Parents,


I know it has most likely not been an easy road for any of you and the same goes for us in the planning for our Religious Education classes. I have outlined the plan moving forward for all classes. Please note that this plan is in effect for this semester only and we will re-evaluate come January.

K-1, 3-8:

We are going forward with the in-home program "A Family of Faith" from Sophia Press.

This program has a Parent Guide that will outline everything that you should need for all the lessons, as well as a Student Activity Book. The Activity Books are recommended for children in grades K-8, and features engaging activities at various grade levels. Materials for the program can be picked up from the office during our business hours 8-5pm M-F or we can send them to you in the mail for a small shipping fee ($5). Fee is $15 per book (Parent Guide and Activity Books). 


First Communion:

We have asked the parents to prepare their children at home for this semester. Books for preparation for First Communion and First Reconciliation will be on loan to you for the use of this semester and ask that they be returned in the condition that you receive them in for future use. You can pick them up from the office during our business hours 8-5pm M-F or we can send them to you in the mail for a small shipping fee ($5).  Fee is $25 per student.


Classes will remain on Sunday nights at the scheduled times from 5:00-6:45pm beginning 

September 13th in the Quigley Room. The space that we have is plenty large enough for proper social distancing. We will also require use of masks while in the building. For those who wish to attend virtually from 5-6:45pm, our teachers will have a virtual meeting up on a device that will allow those who attend virtually to still participate fully and to engage with those who are in person. Schedule can be found here. We will continue to use Decision Point from DynamicCatholic. Fee is $25 per student.


If you wish to register, go to, click here. If you have any other questions, please reach Maureen at or 413-549-0300.

In Christ, 

Maureen Sullivan

Director of Religious Education