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Donate to the Newman Center using our secure online form.

Heart speaks to heart...


That simple message from Cardinal John Henry Newman that inspires all involved in the Newman Catholic Center and guides its mission of service to the students and community of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the five college area.


We, at Newman are motived and inspired by the ministry that happens every day! As we worship, walk the halls, or share a meal in Newman Café, God’s patient and gentle touch permeates every space. For 85 years the message of Cardinal Newman has echoed and guided the hands and hearts of everyone that have served this community.


Your partnership is vital to this ministry! There are many ways you can be an essential part of our vibrant ministry that is crucial as our students and community work through the academic and societal issues and challenges we all face in today’s day and age.


Join with Newman in this partnership – be a part of this exciting ministry with your financial support!


Newman has many avenues of giving that benefit the services and programs that are offered each and every day to those who walk through our doors:


Unrestrictive Giving

Restricted Giving

Gifts of Stock

Planned Giving

Scholarship Giving

Endowment Giving

Matching Gifts


Memorial and Honorarium Giving

Year End Giving

And Many More Ways.... Contact Ginny at ext.105 for how you can help!


For your convenience Newman offers several vehicles by which to support our vital ministry:

  • Electronic Banking

  • Online Giving

  • Automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings accounts

  • ParishPay

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